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About KYR

I am passionate about what I do and have been on my Sisterlock ™ journey since August 2011. I first learned about Sisterlocks ™ from an African American sister in church who corrected me with such pride and confidence by saying “This is not braids honey, these are Sisterlocks™” By August 7, 2011 the love for my hair was reborn when I had my Sisterlocks ™ established. My love for Sisterlock™ goes beyond me having them myself. I wanted to share that same feeling that I felt and still feel about my hair with my Sisters. My mission is to establish beautiful and elegant locks on women of color, so that they can continue to love on themselves and their hair without causing financial hardship by spending monies on products so that they can be free from “bad hair days”.

I believe that helping women on their Sisterlock ™ journey is an excellent way to show my love for the brand as well as love on my sister and to help her be content with her natural crown and beauty. Each client has a unique journey and I believe that all of the ups and downs during their journey matters to me. When you choose me as your consultant it will not be a client/consultant relationship but as family.

Specialized Services

At Know Your Roots, we offer these services to every client:
• Sisterlocks ™ Establishments
• Interlock Establishments
• Retightening Sessions
• Lock Grooming and Lock Repair Services
• Sisterlocks ™ Products Retailed and Loc Accessories
• Accepting New Clients and Transfer Clients
• Complimentary Snack, Beverages and WiFi
• Military/Law Enforcement/Senior Citizen Discount (good for one visit)
• No children or guests allowed unless being served
• Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Zelle and CashApp accepted
• 48-hour notice required for cancellation or reschedule/Masks are required for appointment

Know Your Roots Motto:

To help women connect to their beauty within, while helping them understand that it doesn’t matter where our story began, only that growth is found in our ROOTS. Each of us are different and unique, therefore my belief is that “All things come to the soul from it’s ROOTS”. So let’s ROOT for each other and watch each other grow.

Her ROOTS are beautiful

About Our Studio

Know Your Roots is a natural hair studio that prides itself on excellent customer service. The environment is comfortable and relaxing, where you can rediscover your beauty within. You will leave knowing that you and your hair have been cared for and loved on.

"I absolutely love my sisterlocks!! Favel was gentle, personable, and extremely professional. I’m so excited to be on this sister-lock journey with Know Your Roots!!"


"I was searching for a new loctician and I found her. I'm very tender head, but you would never know with Fae she is gentle yet very efficient, fast, neat and professional."


"Fae installed sisterlocks in my hair and I absolutely love them. I should have done this sooner. She is fast, neat and very professional."


For more information about our services, or to schedule and appointment, please see our contact information below.

  • Address

    1359 Milstead Road, NE, Suite #203, Conyers, GA 30012

  • Phone

    +1 770 595 3935

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  • Hours of Operation

    Tuesday - Saturday: 8AM-5PM

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